Home made sourdough bread, questions after reading previous treads.

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Dear Ramiel

I have read your book, your website and followed some treads in this forum regarding bread.

We make our own bread at home, I just want to clarify some doubts that I have to make sure our bread is as good as possible.
This is how we make it, I will write my questions in capital letters.

1. We soak whole weat in just water for 12 hrs.
2. we sprout the weat for 30 hrs (rinsing every 8-12 hrs)
3. We sun dry the sprouts until crunchy.
4. We grind (with a coffe grinder) and sieve
TOTALLY UNSURE HOW MUCH TO SIEVE?? HOW DO I MAKE SURE THE BRAN AND GERM ARE REMOVED? maybe what i am sieving is just bigger pieces of grain that didnt get properly grounded and not necesarily the bran and germ??
5. We ferment with a homemade sourdough for about 8 hours at room temperature and then aprox 10-14 more in the fridge, if I try fermenting 16 hours at room temperature it overproofs.

Thank you so much for your advice, I just dont know how else to find out.
I have another question regarding beans and pulses, I will write another tread.

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2. Sprouting for 30 hours sound good.
4. Sieve or sift about 25% of the flour by weight.
If it is ground finely enough, this will remove almost all the bran and germ.
There is no way to make sure you have removed all of it. If the grinding is fine enough, and sifter has the correct hole size, then you will see bran chunks left over, just look carefully.

You must adjust the fermenting times according to your climate.
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Thank you Ramiel!
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This is an old thread but it fits my question nicely so hopefully you don't mind.

My question is: when you say 16 hours at ~75°F do you mean proofing for 16 hours? Or preferment+proofing (see clarification below)?

Preferments are done overnight so that's 8+ hours, proofing requires 3-4 hours (my estimate for 75°F range...it takes up to 8 hours if it's reeaally cold...can take 24h in the fridge). So if you did three proofs (quite normal) with 10-12 hour preferment, it would all end up at 16 hours (10h preferment + 4h 1st proof + 1h 2nd proof + 0-30min 3rd proof).

Adding for clarification: Preferment is a combination of all (or almost all) water and starter in the recipe and enough flour so it still pours (consistency varies from recipe to recipe). Meaning some part of the flour has been fermented for 16 hours (preferment) while the rest has been fermented only for 6 hours (added later when making the dough).

Thank you in advance.