What is Plantain and where to I get it?

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I read about using a plantain poultice but am not sure where to get it. Plantain is sold in local grocery stores and looks like a banana. Is that what you are talking about? I have never seen the "plant" sold. If you could please let me know where to get it or if the "banana version" is ok to use. I have no money to help with this gum (or tooth) infection. Thank you all very much. Great information and I'm going to also try the tinctures. Sandy
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plantain. is a kind of banana. Its is usually cooked or steamed. Rawfoodistlet it ripe til the skin turns all black and dark. Its used to get in Afro and Asian store sometimes also in normal grocery stores.

Mostly in asian stores. the tradional recipe is to steam it or fry it or cook it.

Ok misunderstodd. Plantain is a herb. Its is green and either long shped or broad shaped. its is green and it is used in western herbalism for wounds and also for mouth infections. This is something different than plantain for cooking and eating. plantain is native to america and europe. you will find it in your garden or at other places around the Us. its free and grows a lot. you can harvest it. Good to get some books and some advice from a botanc or a wise herbalsit. othersie its to dangerous to find some toxic herb if your are to naiv in trying out strage weeds out of your garden,
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Plantain can be found growing wild. (I do not know about all parts of the world, but in the US and in Europe, it is common.) Study photos in books and on the internet until you feel sure you know which one it is.
Latin names : Plantago major, Plantago media, Plantago lanceolata
If you know someone who knows plants and can show you, that is even better.
It grows in lawns and can be considered a "weed". :-)
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Hi Sandra,

Plantain is perfect for tooth infection. Plantain has the ability to absorb toxins and diseased materials and detoxify the infected area. Plantain belongs to the banana family but this stands apart in the sense of nutrients, use and looks. Bananas are normally sweet fruits while plantains are starchy and are eaten as vegetables. In terms of looks, plantains may resemble green unripe bananas but plantains possess thicker skins, longer dimensions and varying colors: green, black or yellow.

djd is right, plantains are abundant in America. You may want to ask around your locality. I can't give you a specific store or site on where to buy plantains but I am sure you can find trustworthy suppliers in your area.

Echinacea tinctures work very well on dental infections as well.

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"This article is about the plant genus. For the fruit also called plantain, see Plantain."


"This article is about the fruit. For the small herb, see Plantago."
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Some TOP Herbalsits in the USA are
Kiva Rose
Western Herbalist Conference
American Herbalist Guild
Mimi Hernandez
Learning Herbs
WIldman Steve Bill
FirstWay Rebecca Lerner
Emily Porter
TrackerEarth Portland
Teaching Drum Outdoorschool
WiseWoman Conference

Herbalist you also find at RainbowGatherings. There are herbalist who share their Knowledge for free and for people who prefer to pay money. you will find seminars for free for donation or for 300 dollar or more. Something for everywoman.

Sergej Boutenko has also a lot on Edible Plants lately. Its good to get the plants know in your Bioregion and also the most poisonous Plants in your Area. One rule Sergej says is "DONT EAT SOMETHING IF you DONT KNOW WHAT YOU EAT)

and then start small. if you start with wild herbs you first start using a little to see how your reaction is of the body. There is als good online herbshops.

barefoot herbalist is also very aknowledge but he is also a bit panic making so it can distract from the real thing. He has knowledge alse he is making a lot of feaer and panic and has a egoproblem.
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What I thought was that you took off part of the skin of plaintain fruit chew it into paste and leave it there, but I noticed it said leaf and not skin so i'm assuming it's a plant and i don't have access to it, so I'll stick with Echinacea, coconut oil, Vitamin D,Vitamin C Orega-First, (helps to maintain immune function) Vitamin 3D,Vitamin C, Vitamin B and E...as far as the food is concern I can eat a lot of vegetable but sour yogourt and Kefir, not for me....organic raw unpasteurized Sauerkraur, Organic Whey protein mixed with cream and fruit, Cod liver oil,I can do, I love raw meat, but i've given up on meat I won't have animals suffer so that i can get proteins, I will eat cheese and eggs, products from animals but not animals themselves if everything doesn't cure then so be it.....oh Also of course sea salt rinse, and this delightful little three drops into anything water, milk, even coffee, called health solute ions to mineralize again, easy simple as often as you want, all mentioned previously by Certified Natural Nutrionist and Advisor in a Organic Health food store......and If i can eat almond, I don't see what's so wrong with Almond Milk without sugar....and Good luck!